Monday, March 15, 2010

Early-season Lake Pepin ride!

Assuming we don't get a bunch of snow or ice, I'm planning to ride from Bay Point Park in Red Wing around 9 AM on March 28. If you'd like to join me, great! To get in on a car-pool, meet at HC at 7:30 AM. If you have a vehicle that allows you to carry multiple bikes and passengers, please consider driving. Otherwise, please bring gas money for the person who drives you and your bike to Red Wing.

Riding options in this area exist for every difficulty level:

Easy: ride the Cannon Valley Trail, then turn around and come back. If you go all the way to Cannon Falls (recommended), round-trip distance is 40 miles, all paved, and the hill climbing is minimal.

Moderate: Ride around Lake Pepin on Hwy 35 and Hwy 61. Distance is ~75 miles, all paved, and there is one big hill (2.5 miles) and some smaller rolling hills. Plenty of nice places to take a break, get food, etc.

Possibly more challenging: Drive or ride to some choice piece of road, between Maiden Rock and Stockholm, WI, for example, and ride as many miles as you like, then stop.

Most challenging: I will concoct a loop around the lake that includes as much gravel and climbing as I can find. This loop will be designed such that it will be possible to get a century by doing the whole thing, but there will be opportunities for bailing out and riding back on the main roads. There will be several places to stop for food and rest. I plan to ride this at a comfortable pace, and I think it would be fun to ride as a more or less cohesive group.

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Anonymous said...

I am planning on doing the Lake Pepin ride. I will just drive there and meet everybody in the Bay Point Park parking lot at 9am. I am interested in the most challenging route with gravel, hills, century-ish, etc.

Mark W.