Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Almanzo preparation meeting at Bulldog Uptown

rob down the road
The Almanzo 100 is still 2 months away, but we at Hiawatha Cyclery recommend that you begin your preparations for this event sooner than later. We assume you've been putting in the miles and tweaking your bike for optimal performance on the road, but physical readiness is only half the battle. The process of readying yourself for the challenge mentally and logistically begins this Sunday, March 14, at 4 PM, Bulldog Uptown.

If you are registered for Almanzo, or even if you're not (Monte), come by The Bulldog to have a snack and a beverage and to contribute to the discussion. Topics will likely include, but are not limited to:
- sharing of opinions on equipment, techniques, strategies for gravel riding and racing
- coordinating transportation to/from the event and lodging
- discussing the logistics of the highly unofficial and loosely planned ~300-mile version of Almanzo
- comparative analysis of various items on the Bulldog menu
- other topics of pseudo-intellectual and non-intellectual merit.

Hope to see you there!


Monte said...

i will be missing the meeting. so I guess the conversation will be more intellectual w/o me there. hope the preparation and ride go well full report and pictures or scars to be posted I assume?

Lanny said...

Thanks for calling this meeting to order. I will see you there. Shall I call ahead to have a section reserved?

charlie said...

Yeah, this sounds psudo-important. I will try to attend as well.

All The Way Ray said...

Would you be riding the whole way on gravel? Not to Uptown, but on this Almonzo.

HotWater said...


will be there.

rinjin said...

Great idea. Wish I could be there. Also, jealous of your 300-mile version.

Jim Thill said...

Ray, we will ride as many gravel roads and animal trails as we deem feasible.

bloodline said...

i believe 4 pm may be nice, as always i can't guarantee my appearance, due to forces beyond my control. i will debrief all parties in attendance at a later time should i prove to unable to attend.