Monday, February 8, 2010

Some reminders

3-speed class:
This Saturday, February 13, we will be holding our 3-speed overhaul class, 8AM-Noon. Cost is $60 at time of registration, and we have room for two more. You don't need to supply your own hub or any tools. Just pay the $60 and then show up to learn something that will astound your friends!

Rivendell pre-order incentive:
Order your Rivendell Sam Hillborne or Betty Foy THIS WEEK (thru Saturday, Feb 13) with a $200 deposit, and get $100 off the final tally of frame + parts + labor. We are expecting the frames to come in May, but we need to order now, and it will be nice to have some pre-orders so we get the right sizes.

We have one Hillborne in stock, and we're willing to make the same $100 off deal (discount on the complete bike) on this one, this week.

The word from Rivendell is that the forthcoming Hillbornes will be set up for extralong-reach caliper brakes, and I'm pretty sure they'll be orange. It's possible that some sizes will still be available, for at least a little while, in green (see above) and with canti/v-brake bosses (see above).

Finally, the Twin Cities Bike Swap:
The Swap will be this Sunday, February 14, 9:30 am - 2:30 pm at the National Sports Center in Blaine. We will be there with our table of bargains, so come early and find some deals, then go home and romance with your special lady or special gentleman or whatever.


j.schwartz said...

regarding the hillborne you have built up...
once you subtract the $100.00, what does the leave the whole bike to cost?

Jim Thill said...

As pictured, the usual price on that bike would be just under $2100. So just under $2000 with the discount.

This one is a 52, by the way, so it would be best for riders in the 5'4"-5'8" range, or PBH of roughly 78-84 cm, depending on tires and how thick your shoes are.