Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scattering Like The Wind

Two thirds of HC's brain trust is heading out of town next week. Jim is headed east to Richmond for the 2010 Handbuilt Bike Show in Richmond and Kevin is headed west to staff some ACA tours.

Mark the Magnificent is holding down the fort so our hours will be somewhat modified starting Saturday.

Saturday (2/20) Open 2 - 4 PM
Sunday/Monday Closed
Tuesday (2/23) Open 1 - 6
Wednesday (2/24) Closed
Thursday/Friday Open 1 - 6
Saturday Open 12 -4



Shaun said...

I hope Jim takes some good pictures at NAHBS!

Anonymous said...

Will you be updating with pictures and will their be any need for snow tires next week? Good luck on your trip..... Dean J

Jim Thill said...

Yep, I plan to take plenty of pics and to update the blog when I can get to a computer.

I'm planning to not bring studded tires, but I haven't yet mounted the smoothies on my bike...