Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wheelbuilding class, Feb 6

Wheelbuilding can be a fun activity for some, but the real reward is riding around on a dependable set of wheels that you built yourself!

The last wheelbuilding class I conducted filled to capacity, and I couldn't accommodate everybody who wanted to do the class. So I'll do it again, Saturday, Feb 6, at 8AM-Noon.

Registration for the class is $60 - first come, first serve. You will need to have an appropriate rim, hub, and spokes, which you can order in advance of the class from HC with a 15% class discount. Don't know what brands or models of rims, hubs, and spokes are appropriate to your intended use and price range? Email or call me, and I'll help you sort it out. If you take the class, you will leave afterward with at least one completed wheel. (some people do two)

I will provide top-of-the-line wheelbuilding equipment, including truing stands, spoke wrenches, a dish stick, and a tension gauge. If you decide to get your own truing stand after the class, I will have several of the new pro-level Park TS-2.2 stands available for $160. That's cheap for a piece of equipment that will last a lifetime!


Pete C. said...


I was one of the students from the last class-- it is a GREAT class and I recommend it highly! In addition to top-notch instruction from Jim, we had a great group of friendly classmates to jaw with while truing, and truing, and truing . . .

Jim Thill said...

Thanks Pete!