Thursday, January 7, 2010

Goin' Swappin'

Kevin and I and a handful of selected dignitaries will be taking our show on the road Friday and Saturday for the big swap meet in Madison with the stated goal of returning with less used bike part treasures than we are bringing. If you are attending the swap, stop by and say hello.

Customers who wish to visit HCWHQ while we are gone will find the shop open for business as usual. Mark will be holding down the fort, answering the most esoteric of questions, giving demonstrations of his masterful use of cutting, grinding, and bending tools, and, presumably, moving lots of inventory out the door. Please don't let Mark get lonely. Come in and say hello, and maybe buy something nice for yourself or a loved one. Please.

Of course, if you're a local and want first crack at whatever I'm bringing to the swap, feel free to stop by today.