Monday, January 18, 2010

Bike tours for 2010

The calendar for the upcoming season is starting to fill up. I thought I'd share what I have on the agenda for the next few months. Obviously, some of this will likely change, and more excursions will undoubtedly be added on an impromptu basis.

Last week in February: take the train to Washington, DC, explore a bit, then ride to Richmond for the handbuilt bike show. Just to be cheeky, I am planning to do this on a fixed-gear. Our nation's founding fathers didn't have freewheels or derailleurs, and neither will I!

End of April: Kevin and I have volunteered to help with the epic gravel race known as Trans-Iowa, which we are also sponsoring with a nice prize or two. While this isn't specifically a bike tour, we will most likely bring our bikes so we can get a taste of Iowa back roads.

May 15: Almanzo 100. As it stands now, I am planning to roll the Almanzo event into a 3-day, 350-mile minimal-gear tour with two overnights in a Rochester hotel. I welcome willing companions on this adventure, at their own risk.

May 22-23: Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour I am hoping to get a pass on the English requirement so I can ride the 3-speed-tour with my soon-to-be 5-year-old daughter on a French tandem (I can comply with the 3-speed requirement).

Sometime in the Summer: a weeklong tour with friends, details and schedule TBA.

Late June or Early July: Amtrak to Winona, MN, then ride the 140-some miles home. This has become a tradition, and is now in its 4th year. Last year was quite an adventure, complete with some cyclers sleeping in ditches (and on their bikes), and a midnight feast in a grocery store parking lot.

Throughout the summer, I will announce (on this blog) various day rides. I have mapped some really exciting back road loops that I think will be most enjoyable.


Shaun said...

I get it now! The 3-day, 300 mile (now 350 mile) multi-surface Rochester ride is going to be an extension of the Almanzo 100. Egads!

Jim Thill said...

Can I take that as a "yes"?

Shaun said...

I'm seriously thinking about dropping my card in the mail for the Almanzo 100. I don't know about the 350 in 3 days!

A Midnight Rider said...

Planning for the summer's bike tour can get crazy. I'm already on my third definite destination. Maybe.

Montreal to Toronto to Buffalo to Albany via the Erie Canal.