Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Rivendells

I just got the 2010 dealer info from Rivendell, and now I have a month or so to finalize what I'm going to order. You, as a customer, can help me decide! I must say that Rivendell has really made some intriguing changes to its product line this year, and I'm excited!

The Hillborne was our best selling bike in 2009, and for good reason. It's sort of a comfortable touring bike or all-rounder - A Country Bike! - with good tire clearance and plenty of braze-ons for racks, fenders, and miscellanea. It's still going to be $1000 for the frame, fork, headset, bottom bracket, and seatpost, and roughly $2000 for a complete bike, depending on the part-spec. One change for this year: XL-reach sidepull brakes instead of cantilevers. And I'm pretty sure they're gonna be orange instead of green. We can help you with part-spec and sizing.

The Betty Foy is the mixte version of the Hillborne, and it's a lovely frameset. We don't generally sell as many of these as we do Hillbornes, but we'll probably get a few. Where the heck else are you going to get a high-end lugged mixte?

Order a Hillborne or Foy in advance with a $200 deposit by Feb 12, 2010. We expect delivery in May. You can also buy from our stock later, but the $200 deposit assures that we will get one in the right size, especially for you. The pre-ordering helps us choose the correct sizes. Otherwise, we tend to cluster around the most popular sizes, because they sell the fastest. In return for your early deposit and commitment to buy, you'll get a $100 parts credit to help you outfit your new bike (the credit is applied to the final tally of frame + parts + labor). A hundred bucks is, more or less, a Brooks B17 saddle or some fancy tires or derailleurs or _____, FREE!

Remember, to get the $100 in free parts, I need your deposit of $200 by Feb 12.

In March sometime, we have to decide whether to carry the new Quickbeam-replacement SimpleOne single-speed (price and specs TBA) and the newly announced Hunqapillar frameset, which is apparently something between the Atlantis and the Bombadil - in other words, a heavy-duty touring and rough-stuff bike that fits big tires. The Hunqa frameset is going to be $1400. Let me know if you want one, and if it seems like we have enough interest, we'll get 'em!


Joe said...

Sidepulls? That's disappointing. Stock some nice centerpulls to go with it.

Jim Thill said...

Yep, centerpulls work, too, if they're long enough. The reach is 65mm.

Personally, I think the Tektro 556 (aka Silver) sidepulls are great.

Joe said...

Maybe the tektros have addressed this, but I don't like how sidepulls smush the fenders.

Jim Thill said...

I think you'd like the Tektros. They are made for fenders.

Anonymous said...


Is Riverdale no longer making the Atlantis bicycle?

Jim Thill said...

The Atlantis is done, apparently, aside from whatever stock Rivendell and some Rivendell dealers still have on-hand. But don't despair: the Hillborne and the Hunqapillar seem to be fitting replacements.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this is slightly off-topic, but if we're talking Riv's lineup...well, a lower-cost Roadeo-type bike would be awesome.

The 'club racer but practical' design of the Roadeo is a winner, but the custom-bike pricing is not.

Something a lot like it but at a Sam Hillborne price point would be insanely great, basically a 21st century RB-1.

We can only hope Grant gets around to it eventually.


Jim Thill said...

The new Soma/Riv is like a budget Roadeo, as far as I can tell.

leaf slayer said...

I just read this post now (02/06) and saw the thing about SH's designed around caliper brakes instead of cantis. I think that's good. I love my Silver sidepulls on my Hilsen. I toured on the bike last year and they worked well enough. I wouldn't do the GDR with them but for most purposes they're fine and easy to set-up.

I had heard, from Keven at Riv in early Dec, that the 60cm SH was going to come with a double TT and bigger tire clearance but I think those changes will actually be going into the Hunkapiller (Sp?).

I need to follow this blog more closely.