Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter tune-up and repair specials

Now until Feb 15 get a good deal on your repairs and tune-ups. All standard or hourly service labor charges will be discounted 25%, and all basic tune-ups* will be discounted 33.3333% at $50 (was $75, and will probably go up to $85 or $90 in the spring). Discounts apply to labor rates, but our prices on parts are almost always competitive anyway. Bring your bike in for a FREE estimate, and we'll have you well prepared for that nice early Spring weather, which is only about 100 days away! (please don't ask for estimates over the phone, email, or in person if you don't have the bike.)

*The basic tune-up includes adjustments of derailleurs, shifters, brakes, hub/bb/headset bearings, plus wheel-truing and a general safety and maintenance check-over. We also clean the chain and possibly other driveline parts as needed for satisfactory function. The tune-up charge does not cover part replacement labor (except installation of new chain and up to 2 cables), cleaning of excessively grimy bikes, bearing overhauls, or other more serious service. We'll do that, but it will usually cost extra. As always, the best way is to bring the bike in for a repair estimate. The tune-up adjustments are guaranteed for 60 days.

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