Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sam Hillborne ride

We've been selling the Rivendell Sam Hillborne frames and bikes all Summer, and, truth be told, it has been one of the bright spots during a year when it was difficult to sell ANY bike. Anyway, we just have one left, a 56 cm in green, which has been sitting on our sales floor for test rides and such for awhile.

I realized that I'd only really ridden the Sam H around the block, to test the shifting, braking, etc. I never actually took one for a ride. Today, I took a quick 7-mile spin to do some errands and ride around Lake Nokomis.
I rode gently around the bicycle path, I stormed up a couple hills like a maniac, I rode off the pavement into the grass and sand, I rode no-handed, and tried to do quick evasive maneuvers around imaginary obstacles. I am well-acquainted with Rivendell handling characteristics, having logged many thousands of miles on my Atlantis and a Romulus, but, despite any "retro-grouch" appearances, innovation is alive and well at Rivendell HQ, and I think this bike is an improvement over those earlier designs (hard to believe, but true). Though I made no fitting adjustments - the saddle was an inch low and the bars an inch high for my tastes - this is a wonderful, comfortable, stable, smooth, and attractive bicycle, and I'm now entertaining thoughts of getting one for myself.

I also dig the gold-flecked green color, which, in the name of progress, has been phased out.

As this has been a showroom demo, and test ridden a few times, I am willing to sell this complete bike (minus saddle and pedals) with decent-to-great parts, handbuilt Thill wheels, etc, for $1750 (SOLD!). If you want the Berthoud "cork" saddle and MKS pedals, add $200. Call, email, or stop by, for details.

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