Thursday, December 17, 2009

Plan your holidays around THIS!

We all cherish spending time with the family around the holidays, and it's hard to imagine that we might want to take a break from intense, round-the-clock family relations. But, if the urge strikes and you want just a little fresh air and witty banter, we at Hiawatha Cyclery are here to provide some cycling-based respite.

Christmas Day: Ride at 10AM. Meet at HC, and probably go to Hard Times Cafe, which is one of the only places we've found that's not only open on Christmas, but is also devoid of any of the usual holiday cheerfulness, which, let's face it, is exhausting. Also, HTC is vegetarian/vegan-friendly and has good food and strong coffee. Make sure to bring cash.

Day after Christmas is the usual 8AM HC Saturday ride. Destination unknown. Not sure if we'll be open for business that day, but maybe for a short time, at least.

New Year's Day: When all the amateurs are sleeping it off, most of the bicyclers we know are itching to get an early start on their resolution to RIDE MORE! Might as well get those first miles of 2010 behind you in the company of good friends. Meet at HC at 9 AM, and we'll either hit Hard Times again, or maybe find another place open on the holiday.

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