Friday, December 11, 2009

LHT with 26" wheels

Surly is now doing the Long Haul Trucker in larger sizes with a 26" wheel option. The smaller wheels actually make a lot of sense on a touring/commuting/city bike because they are stronger and allow more tire and fender clearance. Also, 700C tires are as rare as hen's teeth in Mozambique, while 26" tires are a dime-a-dozen in that fine nation.

Anyway, we set one up for this outstanding gentleman today.
Eric's LHT 26er
We believe this may be the first rolling example of the 26" wheel LHTs in the larger frame sizes (this frame is 58 cm). The black decals are not standard, and most of the parts moved over from the customer's commuterized MTB.

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Christopher said...

This bike looks shockingly similar to my 1986 Schwinn Sierra. It even uses the same Cro-Moly 4130 tubing.