Thursday, December 10, 2009

Last weekend's camp-out

Last weekend a few of us decided to load up our bikes and sleep out in the woods (at a totally legal, sanctioned camping place). We left after dark, so there aren't many photos of the actual camping, but I did snap some less-than-great photos of our steeds as we were getting ready to leave the campsite. Our bikes were a curious evolutionary progression of Surly fat-tire rigs: J's Instigator, my Pugstigator, and Kevin's Pugsley.

It got pretty darn cold, probably 10F or colder, but we somehow survived. Now that we have some snow, I'm ready to do it again one of these days.

One of the first things we did after HC opened in 2006 was get a Pugsley (it was bright orange). I didn't ride it much, and whenever somebody asked "why?", I didn't have an answer better than: "well, if you already have 7 or 8 bikes, you might get a Pugsley for variety." That was a cutesy answer that saved me from longer explanations, but now I know it was totally wrong. The Pugsley (or Pugstigator, or other fat-tire bike) is not just a freak-bike that you ride to avoid tedium (of course, if tedium is a problem, you should most definitely get one!). It's actually a wonderful bicycle for all-around use. To my surprise, I have been absolutely delighted with the Pugstigator for riding on pavement, and have been even more pleased with its more obvious ability to ride on a variety of off-road and off-trail surfaces. Now that I have some serious cargo capacity, it would make a fine touring bike for all but the most ambitious high-mileage, high-speed pavement-only tours. I'm not kidding when I say that every time I ride the Pugstigator, which is daily, I start to wonder why I should keep my other bikes... Aw jeez, listen to me, talking about paring down to one bike (foolish!).


Doug said...

I love my Pugsley for off-road winter riding. And there are many, many options for that here in Duluth. I think I would use it much more for winter commuting if I got around to rigging up some kind of coroplast fenders for it.

Bujiatang said...

On the last pub crawl I kept up well enough on the Instigator. The bike just absorbs the road, on rough pavement soo much nicer feel than Fenchie. OOPS!