Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fat tire ride

I departed the shop yesterday on the Pugstigator, along with two Pugsley-equipped accomplices, Kevin (of HC fame) and Mark W (of some other type of fame, no doubt). We dropped down the hill to the Minnesota River at Mendota, and made our way in a southwesterly direction along the fabled Minnesota River Bottoms trail toward Bloomington and points west.
2 pugsleys

At Hwy 77 (Cedar Ave), Kevin peeled off for home, perhaps wisely. Mark and I continued along the singletrack that parallels the river.

This is my view:
Pugstigator "cockpit"

At Bloomington Ferry, we crossed the river again, and made our way to Shakopee along the shoulder of Hwy 101 and some on-the-fly offroad trail discoveries. Then, across the river (again) to one of the crushed-limestone LRT trails.
Mark W on his Pug

In the end, the total loop came to 53 miles based on this map. Of course, the trail isn't as straight as lines drawn on a map, so I think it's fair to say that 53 miles is a on the low side. Maybe it was really 62 miles? We didn't have a computer or GPS, so we can only guesstimate. In any case, I'm calling it a "Gentleman's Metric".


Chad Parrish said...

Looks awesome, your Monday was way better then mine.

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