Monday, December 21, 2009


By now, you might think we've gone nuts and are only selling bikes that use 4" tires, and bear the name of cartoon characters. It's not entirely true but given the amount of snow on the ground and the months left until it's gone, we have to be realistic.

Riding snow bikes is always a blast but sometimes we have to transport them by vehicle. The major rack manufacturers, Thule and Yakima, make all kinds of cool carrying contraptions but none will hold a tire much wider than 2.5". Sure, you could try and fit the beast inside your vehicle but after you're done riding, you're probably not going to want gallons of slop draining into the interior of the Family Truckster. You could also try and jam that big tire into that skinny tray but that's like me wearing a lycra skin suit -- it's possible but begs the question why.

Time to adapt. I recently picked up a Thule hitch mount carrier for my Element on Craigslist and was faced with this dilemma:

That thing will hold a 2.5"tire snugly but not a 4" Endomorph. So, a few pieces of scrap plywood, some velcro, polyurethane and stainless bolts and, voila:

Using the existing Thule wheel bar and this mount, Pug rides nice and secure. And since I use a frame bag, I can leave it on during transport.

If anyone else needs a similar hack, let me know.



Anonymous said...

WOW! That's one big tyre!

Chris said...

Where's the tweed or copper rivets I've come to expect from Hiawatha. Nice work on the rack mod.

Jim Thill said...

Now that Kevin has the fit dialed in, I expect a tasteful application of twine and feathers.

winkie said...

i wooda used an old tube to secure the tire

Gary's Blog said...

Thanks. This is made for hauling the Pugsley. From the Thule site, it looks to be a Model 916 T2, but I am not sure. Says 916 T2 holds two bikes and a 2" receiver.
Like you, I will look on Craigslist and other sites, but may be able to have a welder friend make me something based on your great pictures and the Thule site specs as I only need to haul one bike. For me it would not necessarily have to fold.
gary sherck