Friday, November 20, 2009

some semi-recent projects

We upgraded this early-80s Peugeot 3sp mixte for my Mom. New rims, spokes, tires, fenders, cables, and a used Brooks Flyer.
mom's peugeot
One of the nicer chainguards I've seen.

Ron bought this Rawland dSogn awhile back. Since it has disc brakes and lots of tire clearance, we first built it up with 29" wheels. Now it is back to 650B, as the designers of the bike intended.
ron's rawland
It's one heck of an "all-rounder". With smoother 700c tires, Ron did a 145-mile road ride with us earlier this summer on this bike, but now it's ready for gravel-road touring, trail riding, and just about anything else.

HC co-conspirator Kevin has been enjoying the local trails on his new Pugsley.
kevin's pugsley
That's an Epic frame pack, in case you're wondering. Other notable features include the 100 mm symmetrical fork, Schmidt hub, and (not shown in the photo) Supernova E3 Triple headlight and Supernova seatpost-mount taillight. It's quite a machine, and riding it will make you look slim.

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Joe said...

Love that Rawland!!