Tuesday, November 24, 2009


In the four years we've been in business at HC, we've sometimes struggled to find our niche. This might be it.

It's a Pug-front Instigator! (aka Pugstigator or Insti-Pug)


This is now the bike rack out front.
pugsley, pugstigator, HC

Believe it or not, when confronted with a fat tire bicycle, some folks don't "get it", and they ask in disbelief, "Why?" We all know the whole bike industry is based on categories and sub-categories of bikes. I don't like it, but who am I to change the world? So, while we at HC didn't invent this type of bicycle, I think I have invented the name for the bike-genre "Sub-Optimal Situation Bicycle", or SOS bike, if you're into the brevity thing.


JIM said...

does 18mm of offset make that weird, or did you just dish the front tire over to compensate

Jim Thill said...

No offset. This is a symmetric Pug fork.

Eric P. said...

But what are the planing characteristics like?