Saturday, November 14, 2009

Looking For That Perfect Christmas Gift

Kevin is selling his 1975-1976 Masi Grand Criterium.

The facts:

Size: Seat tube -- 57 cm c-t-c and 58 cm c-t-t; top tube 57 c-t-c

Equipment: Full Nuovo Record Group

Crank set: 42/52 170 mm arms; 4 in diamond

Handlebars: TTT Superleggero (NOS)

Stem: TTT Record (NOS)

Derrailleur: Rear stamped Pat 1973

Seatpost: Campy 27.2

Seat: Cinelli

Brakes: Record

Rims: Nisi tubular

Tires: NOS Clement sew ups (unglued)

Bottom bracket is stamped with a "58" only, no MC is visible. Brian Baylis looked at it and deemed it to be an original paint 1975 or 1976 model. Kevin had a brief email exchange with Mr Baylis who confirmed it.

Many more photos here.

Asking $2750.



jim_h said...


Why sell? Just have it set in your tomb with all the other gold and jewels.

Kevin MacAfee said...

I thought about having it cremated with me but I figured I'd get in all kinds of trouble with the EPA when the ashes were scattered.