Sunday, November 22, 2009

A comparison of some of the lights we sell

HC customer and friend Eric P was kind enough to forward the photographic results of his comparison of the Planet Bike Blaze 1W ($45), Blaze 2W ($55), and NiteRider MiNewt ($99). Of course, these aren't the only battery lights on the market, but these are the models that we have chosen to sell, because we think they are the best we've seen at these price points.

Here's a comparison of the Blaze 1W and Blaze 2W. The 2W is on the left.

Note that the beams are roughly the same size, but the 2W illumination is somewhat more intense.

The NiteRider MiNewt is roughly double the price of either of the Blaze lights, but the battery is rechargeable, and the beam is bigger and brighter.

Eric's entire set of light beam images is here.

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