Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Be your own mechanic: Build your own wheels!

Here's a great way to recover from the extravagances of Thanksgiving, and get a little bit of your "bike-fix" as the weather is turning colder and snowier.

If you've ever wanted to learn to build and true your own wheels, we will be holding another wheelbuilding class Saturday, Dec 5, 8am-noon at HC. The wheelbuilding class has been a favorite in the past. Course fee is $60, which is required at the time of registration. Register in person or over the phone. Enrollment is limited to 5 participants.

We will provide truing stands, tools, workspace, and instruction, but you must provide your own hub, rim, spokes, and spoke nipples, or, if you don't have those items lying around, you can buy them from HC. If you order and prepay your wheel parts from HC, the price will be discounted 15% from the regular price. I will need to know what wheel parts you need a week in advance, so I can order items that are not in stock. If you don't know what parts you need, we can help you determine suitable choices. Additionally, at the end of class, we will have truing stands and spoke wrenches for sale at cost to course participants.

Stop in or call 612-727-2565 to register and order parts. And keep an eye on this blog for other bike repair course announcements.

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