Thursday, November 19, 2009

Arkel Holiday Special (updated)

We have been selling Arkel's excellent bags and other accessories since we opened almost 4 years ago. The Commuter and Bug panniers have been long-time favorites of our bike-commuting customers, and the Arkel touring panniers and other bags are extremely smart, well-crafted for tourists and others who like to carry lots of stuff. In addition, Arkel carries the Old Man Mountain racks, which offer high-quality alternatives for hard-to-rack bikes.

LHT loaded

Anyway, we stock a few Arkel items, but it's impossible for us to stock the entire line, given all the different models, colors, etc. Now's your chance to get what you want at an excellent price. I will be doing a pre-holiday Arkel order in a couple weeks. If you order and prepay, you will receive a gift certificate equal to 15% of the MSRP of the item(s) you order (you can apply the gift certificate directly to the Arkel order, if you want to). See Arkel website (linked above) for MSRP info. Deadline for ordering is Dec 11.

Also, as an added bonus to our out of town customers, any order of Arkel products, possibly combined with other items we sell, in excess of $200 (after discount) will get free shipping (excluding wheels, frames, and bikes).


j.schwartz said...

Hi Jim,
I'm interested in the Arkel program you will be running..but how do we know the pre-15 % off price when looking at their products..?
Thanks, Jason

Jim Thill said...

Thanks for the question. The link in the post to Arkel includes MSRP. The 15% is relative to the MSRP listed on the website.

Jim Thill said...

PS: I just edited the post to clarify the pricing. Also added free shipping on orders over $200 (after discount). Thanks.