Thursday, October 22, 2009

end-of-season closeouts

With the way this year has gone, I've put reduced price bikes up here all summer. Some of them even sold! But we still have a few left, and this is as cheap as they're gonna get!

Redline Metro 9:
redline metro 9
In my opinion, this is the best deal you can get on a commuter. They have nice parts, ride nice, and have an attractive color scheme. Only 56 cm left in stock. $399 (was originally $679 or something)

Redline 925:
redline 925
Get in early on this single-speed craze! This is the single-speed/fixed-gear version of the Metro 9 above. The 925 has been consistently among our best sellers since 2006 because it's a great value. At $379 (was $550), you probably won't find one cheaper. 54 cm only.

Torker Boardwalk 3-speed:
From the 'what the hell was I thinking' file:
torker 3sp
I thought this bike would be a good seller, and it wasn't too expensive, so I ordered it earlier this Spring. Turns out to be a somewhat polarizing machine - people either hate it or love it (but don't buy it). But I bet your Mom or teenage daughter/niece/sister would like it. $279

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