Thursday, September 3, 2009

Surly Long Haul Trucker

If I had my way, most cyclists would ride a Surly Long Haul Trucker. They aren't for everybody, of course, just most people, and by my crude mental computations, we've sold more LHTs than any other model of any other brand. The one-bike-for-every-ride - commuting, fast road riding, trails, touring, pavement, gravel, etc - is sort of a mythical beast, but the LHT (appropriately equipped) is probably as much of an "all-rounder" for those widely varied uses as any bike on the market. Its hallmarks are stability and sturdiness, which most new LHT riders notice on the first test ride around the block. And for $1095, with really nice stock parts, it is a better value than just about any even remotely similar bikes that come to mind.

"Truckaccino" LHT Commuter, with Tubus Logo rack, Cascadia fenders, Brooks B17 Imperial saddle, and Pletscher 2-leg kickstand.
truckaccino LHT

Here's a fully kitted LHT tourer (Surly racks, Arkel panniers) we set up awhile back.
LHT loaded
(sorry for the atrocious lighting)

One of the staff's Truckers on tour in Oregon.

We're lucky to have Surly as a local brand. Those guys down there in Bloomington have their share of quirks, but they know bikes, and they are top-notch people, as individuals and as a company.

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Anonymous said...

"One of the staff's Truckers on tour in Oregon"
Do you know what brand and model that front pannier is?? I"v never seen something quite that shape...