Friday, August 28, 2009

Remember Halloween, 1991?

29 inches of snow. And that's only 8 weeks away!!

With the weather turning cooler this weekend and the State Fair in full swing, some cyclists start thinking about winter commuting. Visions of numb digits, black ice and out of control SUV's driven by texting teens dance in their heads.

Well, being the proactive folks we are, we have just received our initial shipment of studded tires. In stock, we have:

Nokian Hakkeplitta A10 700 X 32 -- 72 studs. $50 each or a pair for $90.

This is the narrowest studded tire we are aware of and may solve the problem of fitting studded tires in that old French dumpster find you're planning on riding this winter.

Nokian Hakkeplitta 700 X 35 -- 106 studs. $55 each or a pair for $100. A classic.

We will also be getting Schwalbe studded tires in the near future.


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