Monday, August 3, 2009

Local Framebuilders and Gravel Rides

Ok, they could be related but in this case, they're not.

First, frame builders. A number of the best have chosen the Twin Cities as their base of operations, and now's your chance to see their work in one place. Peacock Grove and Vine Arts Center presents the first Minnecycle, a collaborative display of their work.

HC will close at 6 on Friday, 8/7 and ride over there. If you own one of their bikes, this is the perfect time to ride it. Meet at the shop @ 5:45.

Gravel. We like riding it, period. Jim is leading a ride around Lake Pepin this Sunday, 8/9, and the goal is to ride as much of the route as possible on the fantastic gravel roads that go up and over the bluffs running down Lake Pepin. Meet at Baypoint Park in Red Wing at 9AM or, if you need transport, at HC World HQ at 7:30.

We recommend tire width be at least 32 mm wide if you want to do the gravel route. Anything thinner is going to be pretty uncomfortable.

There will likely be a group that sticks to the paved roads.


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ahi said...

How'd the ride go? I loved the gravel ride last time..hopefully we do it again soon or maybe next year again?