Thursday, May 21, 2009

The HC League of Extraordinary Gentlemen's Hitting The Road

The HC League, being neither extraordinary nor gentlemen, is going touring. That's Jim in the fedora but we have no idea who the woman is (although she can come along if she wants).

We are planning a self-contained tour of SW Wisconsin and SE Minnesota primarily to do what we all love to do, and to test some equipment. If you're riding in that area in a few weeks or lurking about the campgrounds, we'll be the group in smoking jackets telling tall tales until late into the night.

HC will be closed Monday, June 1 through Friday, June 5th. We will reopen on Saturday, June 6th.

We'll try and post some pics along the way.



Anonymous said...

Be careful and be sure to wear helmets.

Anonymous said...

Jim - are you riding the 400kilometer bervet on Saturday?

Jim Thill said...

No 400k on Saturday for me.

Beany said...

Do I wish your store was in San Diego. Or that I was in a Minneapolis that had San Diego's weather. All these rides sound so incredibly fun.