Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bikes and Beer

Admit it. Cycling around town on a warm (ok almost warm) Sunday afternoon and stopping for a plethora of exotic adult beverages is a pretty fair way to wrap up the weekend. Besides, you won't be burning carbon based fuels and you'll definitely be flushing the old kidneys out. So, you've got that going for you.

Lanny Hoff, great HC customer and friend, and renowned beer raconteur is hosting another of his over the top pub crawls.

When: Sunday, May 17 at 3:30 ish

Where: It begins at the Modern Cafe as part of the Gastro Non Grata. There are 4 official stops but you'll finish at wherever the mood strikes you.

Tons of details here including a map.

The last time we had a pub crawl, the weather was close to this. It should be warmer tomorrow and for certain, the beer will be, shall we say, higher on the beer chain.

Ride on!!!

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