Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rivendell Sam Hillborne coming soon

Our long-awaited order of Rivendell Sam Hillborne framesets are shipping out today!

(photo from Rivendell's Hillborne page)

This is a great "all-rounder" frame for touring, commuting, trail-riding, brevets, and just about any other normal way to use a bicycle that doesn't involve racing or 3-foot drops off rock piles. Available in four sizes, and in general we recommend getting the biggest size you can stand over with 2-6 cm of crotch clearance. To quote from Rivendell's web page: "If you're a crotch-worrier and are in betwixt sizes, go small. If you're not, go big."

48 cm: standover ~75 cm
52 cm: standover ~79 cm
56 cm: standover ~83 cm
60 cm: standover ~88 cm

For example, I/Jim have a PBH of 85 cm and ride a 58 cm Atlantis, 56 cm Cross-Check/LHT, etc. If I was buying a Hillborne, I'd probably get a 52, but I could easily ride and be comfortable on a 56.

The two smallest sizes take 650B wheels, and the two biggest sizes use 700C. Tire selection for 650B is getting pretty good, so no worries there (seriously, don't worry). I highly recommend selecting a frame size based on your standover height, rather than on wheel size. But if you're in between 52 and 56 and can't decide, then wheel size could be a factor that sways your choice. You can have a nice bike to ride with either wheel size, and we'll stock tires and rims for 650B as long as we're in business.

Framesets are $1000. Complete bikes around $2000, not including saddle and pedals (which we can provide at a good price). Call or email jim@hiawathacyclery to ask questions, discuss details, or place an order. Quantities are limited, and don't think the popular sizes will last long.

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