Tuesday, March 10, 2009

store hours this week

Kevin is going somewhere, and I/Jim am going somewhere else, and Mark is going to be left in charge at HCWHQ. Store hours for the next week will be as follows:
Wed 3/11: 3-6 PM
Thu 3/12: 3-6 PM
Fri 3/13: 3-6 PM
Sat 3/14: 12-4 PM
Sun 3/15: closed
Mon 3/16: closed
Tue 3/17: 3-6
Wed 3/18: back to "normal"

We'll start summer hours (TBD) on April 1. That's no joke.

1 comment:

Bujiatang said...

it is so not summer yet.

But April is soooo next season