Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stimulate the economy sale

Here at Hiawatha Cyclery we're feeling patriotic, and we want to do what we can to stimulate the economy. It just so happens that we have some new inventory coming in, and we want to make some room for it. What better way to improve the national liquidity and make space on our floor than to have a sale! (the dollars you spend at HC get pumped right back into the economy to create jobs and strengthen the nation; we don't sock it all away in the corporate vault like some banks we won't mention by name.)

Anyway, here are the bikes. Check back for updates.

Here's a fun one:
cross check single speed
Surly Cross-Check, 56 cm, single speed townie, $895 without saddle and pedals. Wheels built by me on Promax cassette hubs and Velocity Aero rims.

This one is fun, too.
rawland olaf
Rawland Olaf single speed, 20" (size M), $1095 without saddle and pedals. Wheels built by me on Rigida Sphinx rims on LX hubs.

A comfortable Euro-styled commuter for a tall person:
redline 530
Redline R530, Nexus 7sp hub, roller brakes, size L, $395 as shown.

Single-speed commuter:
redline 925
Redline 9-2-5, 54 cm (fits like a 57-58 with improved standover clearance). Flip-flop hub, fenders. $425 as shown.

Vintage 3-speed roadster:
raleigh tourist
Classic roadster for a tall person, new(ish) Brooks B66, $325 as shown.

No-nonsense transportation:
giant iguana
Giant Iquana, 19.5" with front rack and SPD/platform pedals. Nice, lightly used condition, $225.

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