Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heading To The NAHBS: Shop Hours

That would be the North American Hand Built Bike Show, being held in Indianapolis this weekend. 2/3 of the HC crew is going by train and automobile and we're bringing bikes so if you overdose on bike "bling", come join us for a ride. If anyone is interested in dinner Friday or Saturday night, I've researched a few places nearby. Kevin's cell is 612 384-7643.

Mark is staying behind and running the shop on reduced hours. Since he'll be solo, he won't be doing any repairs unless they're simple.

Thursday, 2/26: 3 -- 6 PM

Friday, 2/27: 3 -- 6 PM

Saturday, 2/28: 12 -- 4 PM


Jim K said...

After dinner we can take our shirts off and wrestle.

Jim Thill said...

Jim K: Shirtless wrestling after dinner is a given. Watch out for Kevin's "Figure-4" maneuver. He makes Ric Flair look like a playground chump.

I vote that we find a restaurant that includes the word "pit" in the name. Hopefully something along the lines of "meat pit", "pork pit", etc.

Snakebite said...

....arm pit.

Jim Thill said...

All we found was the "Pita Pit". WTF?