Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HC University -- UPDATE 1/23

Wheel building and Basic Maintenance classes are full. If you missed out and still want to attend, email Jim or Kevin and if there's enough interest, we will start a list for another round of classes in March.

As is our custom, we will be offering a great selection of bike maintenance classes in the coming weeks/months. Jim wanted to offer a class on the use of Osprey feathers as a bike accent but with a worldwide shortage of Ospreys, the rest of the faculty convinced him otherwise.

Our goal is to help our customers become more self sufficient, and capable of working on most of the routine maintenance items on their bikes. The faculty includes some renowned local personalities who have years of experience in sharing their encyclopedic knowledge of all things bicycles.

Our classes are hands on. You should bring your own bike to the Basic Maintenance class and a 3 speed wheel and wheel parts to the appropriate class.

Our course offerings will include:

Basic Maintenance -- FULL -- in this class, we will show you how to do a basic tuneup. This includes basic adjustment of wheel, headset and bottom bracket bearings; adjustment of derailleurs and brakes; and minor wheel truing.
Date: Saturday, 2/7; 8AM-12PM.
Location: HC
Cost: $60 (plus parts, if any)
Class Size: Limited to 6 participants

Wheel Building -- FULL -- You will learn how to build a wheel from scratch including lacing, tensioning, dishing and truing. You will need to bring a rim spokes and hub to class. If you purchase the materials from HC, there is a 10% discount. NOTE: Please let us know as soon as possible what parts you will need as well as spoke length (we can calculate that for you).
Date: Saturday, 2/14; 8AM - 12PM
Location: HC
Cost: $60 (plus materials)
Class Size: Limited to 6 participants

We are also working on scheduling our 3-Speed hub overhaul class and frame building demonstration at Curt Goodrich's shop. Check back here for dates and times but they will most likely be in March.

These classes always fill up quickly. If there is enough interest, we can schedule a second Basic Maintenance and Wheel Building Class. To reserve a spot, we need payment in advance so stop in or call/email Jim or Kevin.



David Carter said...

I would love to take part in the Basic Maintenance class. Please sign me up.

bloodline said...

it's all about the 3 speed overhaul for me... you can use lithium bearing grease instead of oil... right?