Thursday, October 30, 2008

Saturday night ride!

Note: The morning ride is still happening as always at 8 AM. The night ride described below is extra.

Night Ride
Saturday November 1st 630 PM

Time to burn off all that Halloween candy you're going to snarf down Friday night.

Mark Stonich will be leading another night ride, leaving from Hiawatha Cyclery. Planed route is about 30 miles and will include some St Paul industrial routes that have bike lanes and are lightly traveled at night and past the State Capitol.

Please bring lights with good batteries or a dynamo, sufficient for up to four hours of use. Bright/light colored clothing is also advised.

Eats would be at Shish, or the Coffee News Cafe on Grand Ave in St. Paul. Both are open till 11 PM

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hiawatha Cyclery diversifies!

Starting this Tuesday, HC will begin selling Peace Coffee beans by the pound. We will be stocking several varieties under that brand, so there should be something for everybody. If you have a preferred variety or want to try something specific, let me know and I'll make sure we have it for you.

I've been impressed by Peace Coffee's business model for some time. In addition to their cooperation with small coffee growers to ensure fairness in the coffee trade, Peace Coffee does their local deliveries by bike or by a bio-diesel van. Our delivery is going to be on Tuesdays, and I've been told to order by Monday at noon so they have time to roast the beans within a day of delivery. That sounds pretty fresh to me.

Most varieties will be $11/lb (yes, a real 16 oz pound) or $50 for a 5lb bag (pre-order, please). That's probably cheaper than what you pay for halfway decent whole bean coffee at the grocery store, and this is fresher and localer. To get free delivery, I need to order 15 pounds per week. So stop by Tuesday or Wednesday to get your freshly roasted coffee and to help me get an idea of how much to order for next week.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bleriot with creme tires

Somebody needed to do this.
Bleriot with creme tires

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hunter's Moon Ride

Hunter's Moon Ride
Leaves from Hiawatha Cyclery
Friday Oct. 10th 7:00 PM

Mark Stonich will be leading another of his famous night rides. Planned route is a rather flat 28 miles and will include Minneapolis and St Paul residential streets, Lake Calhoun, the Kenilworth and Cedar Lake trails, Downtown Hennepin Ave., Stone Arch Bridge and the U of M Campus.

Please bring lights with good batteries or a dynamo, sufficient for up to four hours of use. Bright/light colored clothing is also advised.

We will stop somewhere and eat. There are several food options, both open until 11 PM.

Monday, October 6, 2008

safe investments

In these troubled economic times, we at Hiawatha Cyclery advocate investing your money where it will yield some immediate and lasting tangible benefit to you, regardless of how the stock market ravages your 401k or IRA. This time of year, the most sensible investment you can make may be in a good set of studded tires. To entice you to act soon, we have special pricing for a limited time on some models. All the tires we sell feature carbide steel studs, for wear resistance. It's not uncommon to get more than 5 years out of one set of tires. My old Nokians are entering their fifth winter, and I'm hard pressed to detect any significant stud wear.

Nokian has been a pioneer in studded tire development. These tires are known far and wide for toughness and longevity and high rolling resistance.

Mount & Ground W160 26x1.9" MSRP $65, now $110 for a pair
Hakkapelitta 700x35 106 studs MSRP $52, now $90 for a pair.

We tried the Kenda studded tires last year when Nokians were impossible to find, and we were suitably impressed. Kevin rode them all winter on his ANT and claims they roll better than Nokians (not hard to imagine). They seem to be a little skinnier than the Hakkapelitta 700x35, and may fit bikes with slightly tighter clearances.

Kenda Klondike K1014 700x35 MSRP $65, now $110 for a pair

My initial impression of the Schwalbe tires (Snow Stud model) was that they were high quality, but I didn't see why they may be preferred to the old reliable Nokians that we love so well. Then Schwalbe came out with the Marathon Winter, which may be the nicest commuter-level studded tire on the market. It appears to have a lighter, more supple casing and isn't any heavier than it has to be. Despite having LOTS more studs, it's a lighter tire than comparable Nokian and Kenda models. Mark rode some last winter and put to rest his blisteringly negative associations of studded tires. The Schwalbe Marathon Winter features a reflective stripe on each sidewall for added visibility.

Marathon Winter 700x35 MSRP $78, now $130 for a pair
Marathon Winter 700x40 MSRP $78, now $130 for a pair
Marathon Winter 26x1.75" MSRP $78, now $130 for a pair

We hope to add the Nokian A10 in 700x30 and 650B to our inventory soon.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Family Ride, Saturday October 4

This Saturday's ride is our monthly family ride. Jim is playing Mr. Mom and will be bringing both of the mini-Thills along. It will be a little cool in the morning but come join us for a leisurely ride to a good breakfast spot.

Ride leaves at 8'ish from HC.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Change of Hours

It's getting darker earlier now and the temps are starting to feel like fall. It's time for us to move to our fall/winter hours. Effective Monday, October 6, our hours will be:

Sunday - Monday: Closed

Tuesday - Friday: 12PM - 6PM

Saturday: 12PM - 4PM