Thursday, September 11, 2008

Saturday ride

By popular demand, this Saturday morning (8-11 AM) we will have our Nature Ride.

I used to call it an "offroad ride", but that scared some people off because, I suppose, they envisioned riding over some sort of difficult terrain that requires athleticism and special skills. This ride is not like that. It's in the woods and mostly unpaved, true, but it's on a trail that is, for the most part, smooth and flat. There is a short bumpy spot where it may be good to walk the bike, and one large hill that you can walk with no loss of pride, but otherwise, it's easy and fun.


Chad Parrish said...

Sounds awesome, if I can make it I will bring the Pugsley for some gnarly off road action :-)

red rabbit said...

I'm jealous...all I get to ride tomorrow is a hilly, rocky, bear infested, muddy path! I only hope I don't get a tick in my eye!

midway cyclist said...

I'm sure it was fun and all, but when is the 'au naturel' ride?