Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Thill is Gone

Literally. The Thill family vacation begins tomorrow and the Family Truckster is headed for points east.

That means that the B Team -- Kevin and Mongo -- are holding down the fort until after Labor Day. We're smarter than we look (and act) so don't try and pull the old "Jim told me he would sell me a fully equipped Atlantis for this cool old French frame" scam. We're on to you (unless of course its a 58 cm chrome Rene Herse).

Here's the plan:
  • We are open Friday and Saturday, 8/22-8/23 during normal hours.
  • Saturday morning's ride will leave the shop promptly at 8 ish and head towards the St. Paul Farmers Market. Good HC friend Paul "FU" Smith has promised to reveal the location of a super secret coffee stop over by Swede's Hollow. Bring your vegetable hauler and a sense of adventure.
  • The shop is closed Monday through Friday 8/25 - 8/29 for a little break and to do some much needed rearrangement of the shop. Any orders placed over the internet will not be shipped until after Labor Day.
  • We will be open Saturday, 8/30 and the shop ride will begin at 8 ish.
  • We will be closed on Labor Day, Monday, 9/1. If we don't get arrested for showing our Republican brethren a little local hospitality, we will reopen at our regular times starting Tuesday, September 2.
  • Jim will bring by his CSA produce haul Friday to share with the masses. If you need veggies for the weekend, come by and take what you need. And no, a dozen ears of corn will not get you an Alfine Hub.

Thill family -- Have a safe visit to Chicago

watch out for loose women in hot cars

bring us back a "Really Nice" souvenir.

And Jim, remember, road trips with the family are fun, fun.



bother yam said...

March 30th?

Kevin MacAfee said...

I stand corrected. the 29th,

Thanks BY

shannon said...
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Bujiatang said...

of course Frenchie isn't worth an Atlantis, it was supposed to be a Big Dummy frame. Jim said so. You can trust me.