Thursday, August 28, 2008

Saturday Shop Ride

After a short hiatus, we will be reopen for business on Saturday, 8/30 from 11'ish to 4. That also means our shop ride will leave the shop at 8 for an urban ramble and coffee/food stop. No itinerary in mind as of now but there are countless possibilities:
  • we could test the security perimeter for the RNC Convention in St Paul
  • visit the Polish lasses at Kamarchek's
  • head over to the U and check out the "walk of shame"
Bring ideas on Saturday.



Bujiatang said...

we could hit up patina and get viking helmets and plastic swords. put stereos in our panniers and charge the secret service!


yes and might be spending Labor day in jail...

bother yam said...

I've heard tell that there is a breakfast place at 52nd and Bloomington called the Hot Plate. And that it is quite fine.