Friday, August 22, 2008

Minnehaha Bags

The boys at Banjo Brothers have done it again. They are now rolling out a new line of canvas bags under the Minnehaha Bags brand. We talked with them about a year ago about developing some canvas bags that were reasonably priced and could fill the needs of the everyday cycling community.

We have been testing some prototypes for a few weeks and I have been using the Medium Saddlebag. It is about the size of the old Lil Joe Bag but comes in black with really nice leather trim. It mounts easily and holds a ton of stuff. I have received compliments from people whenever I have parked the bike.

They are offering two sizes of seat bag, a canvas grocery pannier, a utility pannier and a beautiful canvas shoulder bag that is the ideal size. As with everything the boys have made, the quality is superior and being cyclists themselves, these bags have lots of useful touches like detachable reflective tabs and places for blinkie lights.

HC should have them in stock in the next few weeks. Check out their web site for more details and pricing but here are a few pics.

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midway cyclist said...

I've been using the small saddlebag (first picture) for a week now, and it's nice. I'll write up something soon (with pictures), but it's well-made, and a good size for lightweight commuting. I can easily carry a medium u-lock, 2 sandwiches, 2 apples and travel mug of coffee in there, on top of a spare tube and biketool. Works great on non-Brooks saddles.