Monday, August 4, 2008

Awash In Dummies

Given recent gas prices, people all over the US have been giving up their cars in favor of cargo bikes. Surly's Big Dummy is the by far the best designed, and we have built up several of them recently for customers.

They have been in short supply recently but the crack team at HC has been able to obtain both a 16" and 18" frame. They come in any color you want as long as you like Military Green and can be built up in a wide array of configurations.

These won't last long so if you've been contemplating a cargo hauler to bring home your groceries, lumber for that backyard project or 40 pounds of kale from the local farmers market, don't wait.

16" frame -- $895
18" frame -- $1,050



Tex69 said...

is the 16" still available?

Jim Thill said...

You betcha!