Saturday, August 30, 2008

New T-shirts

We just got in more T-shirts with new bike quotes:

"Cycle paths will abound in utopia" -- HG Wells

"Ride lots" -- Eddy Merckx's #1 training tip.

We have lots of size Large, XL, 2XL and a few in 3XL. Colors are Black, Green, Blue and Grey and they are the same soft high quality T.

These are probably the last of the short sleeves given the time of year so if you're collecting the whole set, come and get em. $24.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Saturday Shop Ride

After a short hiatus, we will be reopen for business on Saturday, 8/30 from 11'ish to 4. That also means our shop ride will leave the shop at 8 for an urban ramble and coffee/food stop. No itinerary in mind as of now but there are countless possibilities:
  • we could test the security perimeter for the RNC Convention in St Paul
  • visit the Polish lasses at Kamarchek's
  • head over to the U and check out the "walk of shame"
Bring ideas on Saturday.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Minnehaha Bags

The boys at Banjo Brothers have done it again. They are now rolling out a new line of canvas bags under the Minnehaha Bags brand. We talked with them about a year ago about developing some canvas bags that were reasonably priced and could fill the needs of the everyday cycling community.

We have been testing some prototypes for a few weeks and I have been using the Medium Saddlebag. It is about the size of the old Lil Joe Bag but comes in black with really nice leather trim. It mounts easily and holds a ton of stuff. I have received compliments from people whenever I have parked the bike.

They are offering two sizes of seat bag, a canvas grocery pannier, a utility pannier and a beautiful canvas shoulder bag that is the ideal size. As with everything the boys have made, the quality is superior and being cyclists themselves, these bags have lots of useful touches like detachable reflective tabs and places for blinkie lights.

HC should have them in stock in the next few weeks. Check out their web site for more details and pricing but here are a few pics.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Thill is Gone

Literally. The Thill family vacation begins tomorrow and the Family Truckster is headed for points east.

That means that the B Team -- Kevin and Mongo -- are holding down the fort until after Labor Day. We're smarter than we look (and act) so don't try and pull the old "Jim told me he would sell me a fully equipped Atlantis for this cool old French frame" scam. We're on to you (unless of course its a 58 cm chrome Rene Herse).

Here's the plan:
  • We are open Friday and Saturday, 8/22-8/23 during normal hours.
  • Saturday morning's ride will leave the shop promptly at 8 ish and head towards the St. Paul Farmers Market. Good HC friend Paul "FU" Smith has promised to reveal the location of a super secret coffee stop over by Swede's Hollow. Bring your vegetable hauler and a sense of adventure.
  • The shop is closed Monday through Friday 8/25 - 8/29 for a little break and to do some much needed rearrangement of the shop. Any orders placed over the internet will not be shipped until after Labor Day.
  • We will be open Saturday, 8/30 and the shop ride will begin at 8 ish.
  • We will be closed on Labor Day, Monday, 9/1. If we don't get arrested for showing our Republican brethren a little local hospitality, we will reopen at our regular times starting Tuesday, September 2.
  • Jim will bring by his CSA produce haul Friday to share with the masses. If you need veggies for the weekend, come by and take what you need. And no, a dozen ears of corn will not get you an Alfine Hub.

Thill family -- Have a safe visit to Chicago

watch out for loose women in hot cars

bring us back a "Really Nice" souvenir.

And Jim, remember, road trips with the family are fun, fun.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Saturday's (8/16) Ride

. . . will have an urban theme. OK, we have no defined route but it will be an easy pace and Jim has a new breakfast place he wants to try out.

So, bring your appetite and sense of adventure.


Upcoming Shop Closure

The shop will be closed:

Monday thru Friday, 8/25 -- 8/29
Labor Day, Monday, September 1.

Any internet orders will probably not be shipped out until after Labor Day.

We will be open on Saturday, August 30th and our ride will leave the shop at 8AM.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Bike Boulevards

The Twin Cities has received a federal grant to convert several streets in the metro area to bike/pedestrian friendly boulevards. The roads will still be open to vehicular traffic but the idea is that bikes and walkers will have priority and cars will use alternative streets to get around, usually on a parallel street. It will also represent a major link to a number of bike paths in the area.

The only street in St Paul that may gain the "bike boulevard" designation is a section of Highland Parkway from the Mississippi River East to Snelling Avenue. Neighbors living in the area have expressed initial opposition because I really don't think they understand what a bike boulevard is.

There is a public meeting, Monday 8/11 at 7PM at the Hillcrest Rec Center on Ford Parkway in St Paul. If you ride anywhere in this area, it would be great if you could attend and show your support. A huge turnout of cyclists, especially coming by bike will be great.

Kevin will be leaving HC at 6:30 to attend so if you want to ride over as a group, meet up there.

Here is a map for the rec center. Hope to see you there!

View Larger Map

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Saturday's (8/9) Ride is Off Road

We haven't done one in awhile so it's long overdue. We'll ride the River Bottoms, scare the hell out of the wildlife and end up somewhere for coffee/food.

Meet at the shop at 8. Mountain bikes and/or off road riding skills are really unnecessary. You should definitely be riding tires that are 28 mm or wider.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Awash In Dummies

Given recent gas prices, people all over the US have been giving up their cars in favor of cargo bikes. Surly's Big Dummy is the by far the best designed, and we have built up several of them recently for customers.

They have been in short supply recently but the crack team at HC has been able to obtain both a 16" and 18" frame. They come in any color you want as long as you like Military Green and can be built up in a wide array of configurations.

These won't last long so if you've been contemplating a cargo hauler to bring home your groceries, lumber for that backyard project or 40 pounds of kale from the local farmers market, don't wait.

16" frame -- $895
18" frame -- $1,050