Sunday, June 29, 2008

store hours this week and a special Saturday ride

This coming Saturday, July 5, at 8-11 AM we will do a ride for people who feel that our usual rides may be too fast or too long. We have always wanted to be welcoming to riders of all ability levels, but a lot of would-be newcomers express concerns about not keeping up, or worse yet, slowing down the group. Those riders are welcome every week, but this week is officially a slow ride. None of that hot-rod 12 mph stuff. I'm going to try to bring my wife and kids and my mom and maybe a few unsavory types. I hesitate to promise an exact speed or distance, but the goal is to not exceed the ability of anybody who rides a bike somewhat regularly.

Also this week, on Wednesday evening, I'm going to do a time-trial with some friends. The shop will close at 4 PM that day so that I can prepare myself for 20-some minutes of hell.

Since Saturday is part of a holiday weekend, we will be open reduced hours: 11 AM-1 PM. No on-the-spot repairs that day. Just sales, and repair drop-off and pick-up.

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