Sunday, June 29, 2008

store hours this week and a special Saturday ride

This coming Saturday, July 5, at 8-11 AM we will do a ride for people who feel that our usual rides may be too fast or too long. We have always wanted to be welcoming to riders of all ability levels, but a lot of would-be newcomers express concerns about not keeping up, or worse yet, slowing down the group. Those riders are welcome every week, but this week is officially a slow ride. None of that hot-rod 12 mph stuff. I'm going to try to bring my wife and kids and my mom and maybe a few unsavory types. I hesitate to promise an exact speed or distance, but the goal is to not exceed the ability of anybody who rides a bike somewhat regularly.

Also this week, on Wednesday evening, I'm going to do a time-trial with some friends. The shop will close at 4 PM that day so that I can prepare myself for 20-some minutes of hell.

Since Saturday is part of a holiday weekend, we will be open reduced hours: 11 AM-1 PM. No on-the-spot repairs that day. Just sales, and repair drop-off and pick-up.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gay Pride Ride!

Always on the lookout for a ride theme, we noticed that this weekend is the annual Pride Festival. The timing of the HC ride isn't perfect, but we'll be riding through the festival as it opens. The people-watching should be first class. If, after riding through this event, some of us experience a hankering for sausage, we could ride over to Kramarczuk's for breakfast.

I normally don't advertise ride plans in advance. But in this case, you may need time to get your outfit together. You know who you are Pete!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Porteur Atlantis

We had some fun this week:
Atlantis Porteur

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Alley Cats

Minneapolis and Saint Paul both have an extensive network of alleys. We have always enjoyed riding them and I consider them the windows to the lives of city dwellers.

This Saturday's HC ride will be all about alleys. We are going to wind our way around the alleys of Minneapolis, hopefully running into a few yard sales along the way. Bring a bag, a cargo bike whatever you need to haul home some new found treasures.

A prize will be given to the weirdest yard sale purchase.

If you know of any interesting or unusual alleys, we want to know about them.