Friday, May 23, 2008

bikes that need to go! (updated again)

We have some great bikes that, for whatever reason, have been sitting around here too long. We have new inventory coming in, and we need to simultaneously make room for the new stuff, and pay for it. These are great deals, by the way. In all cases, if you are seriously considering a purchase of any of these bikes, feel free to email, call, or stop by for details.

Here's a run-down, by brand:

1. Rambouillet 52 cm complete bike, blue color, no saddle or pedals - $1750 (that's way too cheap, but there it is)
2. Atlantis 56 cm, dynamo ft hub, Big Apple tires, Albatross bars, no saddle or pedals. An absolute blast to ride. $2500
3. Bleriot* bicycles 59 cm and 61 cm, no pedals or saddle, $1500
4. Atlantis 58 cm, consignment bike, like new, low serial number (#76), fancy lugs, Honjo fenders, Brooks Flyer saddle, and a great part spec. $2500
* I understand that the Bleriot may not be around much longer. Get one while you can.

1. 1x1 consignment bike, 18", solid commuter, $400
2. Traveler's Check 58 cm, nice mix of parts, $1800 as built
3. Pacer 58 cm, nice parts, handbuilt wheels, etc, as built, $1500

Casseroll 57 cm, with 650B wheels, 42 mm Fatty Rumpkin tires, Cascadia fenders, Topeak rack, Japanese bell, Nitto drop bar, and a nice part spec with 1x8 gearing, XT hubs, etc. No saddle or pedals. This bike is somewhat unusual because of the wheel size conversion, but one of my personal favorites. Great commuter bike ready to roll. I'm going to start riding this one if nobody buys it. $1350

2008 9-2-5 in 50, 52 cm and 54 cm sizes. Add 4 cm to get "virtual sizes" of 54, 56 cm and 58 cm. Was $550, now $450. Local sales only on Redline, no shipping.

1. P/R 59 cm with 26" wheels. Nice parts, but I put one of the downtube decals on crooked. $1250
2. P/R 61 cm Kustard color, 650B, well equipped complete bike with generator lighting and many nice touches. Consignment bike in really nice shape. $1250


1. Boston Roadster. Big bike, 63 cm C-T, stand-over 87 cm. Albatross bars, dynamo ft hub, Nexus-8 rear, Berthoud fenders. Jandd rack. Rides like a dream. As built, $1900.
2. Boston Roadster 50 cm with basket, Berthoud fenders, rack, dynamo, gorgeous bike, As built, $1900.

Vintage stuff:
1. 1972 Schwinn Paramount ~59 cm c-c, beautiful chrome touring bike, Phil Wood hubs, Campagnolo crank, derailleurs, shifters, etc. $1000
2. Like new 1983 Specialized Stumpjumper Sport frameset, 22", mostly new parts, mix of new or NOS XT, XTR, and even Campagnolo (rims). $1300


ajohns23 said...


Thanks for a good deal on a good bike. Rode my 925 in today, felt great on the way in. The hills in Stillwater kicked my butt on the way home.....guess I'll get better or get gears! Nice ride though would recommend to anyone wanting a single or fixie.

mr. squirrel vs. mr. fly said...

Good to see that it looks like the Salsa finally sold. It was nice distinctive-looking bike and rode really nice.