Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We'd Give Them Away But Our Wives Won't Let Us

The weather has finally broken here in Snowtown and we have bikes to sell. Oil just broke another record today so ditch the car and get out and ride.

New Bikes

Rambouillet -- 52 cm; no saddle or pedals; $1750

Bleriot -- 59 and 61 cm; no saddle or pedals; $1750

Salsa Casseroll -- 57 cm; 650b wheels, fenders and rack; no saddle or pedals; $1500

Used Bikes

Atlantis -- 58 cm; early model with fancy lugs; Honjo Fenders, Very nicely equipped; almost new; $2700

Surly 1X1 -- 18"; well ridden but lots of character for commuting; $400

Call for details. Stop in for a test ride.

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