Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ho Hum

Just another day of interesting bicycles landing here on a Saturday afternoon.

Pete's very nice Kuwahara

An absolutely beautiful Glorius. That's an equally beautiful Riv All Rounder behind it.

Eric's new Brompton Folder

Tom's highly customized Bianchi. Note the copper tubing cable guides, homemade fenders and integrated sound system..

And this bike was spotted locked up outside Axman surplus on University Avenue. Nice canvas panniers and what looks like creative use of a 2X4 to hold it all together.

Given the steel our customers ride everyday, seeing a Confente, or a Hetchins would be -- well, no big deal. Oh, I forgot, we have a Hetchins in the shop. Never mind.

And if you want to see what our Saturday morning rides look like, go here. Just ignore the 4th picture down -- the guy with his finger extended is really old and thats the only finger he has left on that hand. Old war injury or something.


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