Thursday, January 31, 2008

Used bike: Quickbeam 62 cm with custom paint

Used Quickbeam, standard Rivendell part spec plus MKS road pedals and Brooks Pro saddle. The custom paint job was ordered directly from Rivendell when the bike was purchased new. This bike is gorgeous. It's been pretty well used, and there are a number of spots where the frame has been touched up - let's call it "beausage". Whatever you call it, this bike is really attractive, and the signs of use don't detract a bit. I wish it was my size.
Quickbeam 1

Quickbeam 3

Quickbeam 2

Quickbeam 5

Quickbeam 4

Quickbeam 6

Quickbeam 7

Price $1250. For an extra $50 I'll put on this lightly used White Industries "Dos" 17/19 freewheel instead of the standard 2 freewheel flip-flop arrangement. For no extra charge, I'll even put some new tires and cables on the bike.

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