Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Used bike: Quickbeam 58 cm - SOLD!

We've somehow managed to accumulate a few used bikes, and we'd like to unload them. I'll do a series of posts on these bikes, starting with this well cared for 58 cm Quickbeam with the standard Rivendell part spec (Suzue hubs, Mavic rims, Sugino XD crank, Nitto bar, stem, and seatpost, etc). The bike is in great condition and has a new Brooks B17 Champion Special saddle, MKS touring pedals, and your choice of color of either cork or cloth tape. Price $1150.

Quickbeam 1
Quickbeam 2

Quickbeam 3

Quickbeam 4

Rivendell has, at least for the moment, stopped producing these, so you can't go out and buy a new one. Since most QB owners ride these bikes hard, it's not common to find a used one in such great condition, especially in this popular 58 cm size.

Email jimAThiawathacycleryDOTcom or call 612-727-2565 with any questions.

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