Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Used bike: Fuji Monterey 58 cm

UPDATE: This bike is no longer available as pictured. We stripped down this bike to its component parts and frameset in hopes that it would be easier to sell that way, and to scavenge some parts that are frequently useful to our repairs and custom builds.
Fuji Monterey

Fuji Monterey that looks like it was never ridden much, though a layer of garage dust has accumulated in some of the nooks and crannies. Parts are a mix of SunTour, Dia-Compe, and Nitto, nothing fancy. The frame is a lugged steel Fuji VALite tubing, and the paint is fairly pristine. Here are the measurements:

Seat tube c-t 58 cm

Top tube c-c 56.5 cm

stand-over 84 cm

Pump up the tires and ride as-is or convert to single-speed or fixed-gear. $150 or reasonable offer.

Email jimAThiawathacycleryDOTcom or call 612-727-2565 with any questions.

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Tony Medina said...

What is the frame made of ?