Thursday, December 13, 2007

Studded Tire Update

As some of you found out on Saturday, the Nokian studded tires have suddenly become hard to get. We unexpectedly sold out of the 700x35 model, and were unable to get any to replenish our stock. I looked into Schwalbe, but they were also impossible to get in any of the 700c sizes. Kenda makes the Klondike, which appears to be very similar to our beloved Nokian 700x35. Kenda makes great tires, though their reputation seems to be based on their lower end budget models. These 700x35 Klondike tires have 100 carbide studs and are rated to 85 psi (Nokians are rated to 65 psi). I mounted one on a Velocity Dyad rim and it measures 32 mm wide and 32 mm high, a bit skinnier than the Nokians of the same size. The upshot of this skinniness is that they might fit some bikes where the Nokians are a bit snug. I don't think they'll fit a fendered Redline 9-2-5, unfortunately. Originally, I thought the Kenda Klondike would be a stop-gap until we could get more Nokians, but now that I've seen them, I think they'll become a regular item in our inventory.

For 26" (559 mm) tires, we still have the Nokian Mount & Ground 26x1.9. We also now have the Schwalbe Marathon Winter, 26x1.75.

All of our studded tire models are now $65 each or $110 for a pair. (If you stopped by Saturday and missed out, you know who you are, and I'll still honor the 2 for $100 deal for you).

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