Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nokian studded tires - "deserve them"

Deserve Them! Yeah, it's kind of a funny motto for a product like this. It probably sounded less odd in Finn. But don't let the awkward marketing get in the way of you trying these tires this winter. For many of us, the winter cycling season is not to be missed. The truly cold and snowy days (that make cycling a hardship) are surprisingly rare, but the daily risk of icy streets is likely to be with us for months. That's where a pair of good studded tires come in -Â ride over black ice and slippery packed snow without fear or hesitation! Most people don't believe how well these work until they try them. As an added advantage, the extra weight and rolling resistance will transform you into a powerhouse next spring - when your friends are still trying to shed the winter pelt, you'll be stronger than ever.
The Nokian studded tires are equipped with carbide steel studs, which are hard enough to last 3-6 seasons of typical winter commuting. We are aware of slightly cheaper studded tires that were pretty much worthless on ice after less than one winter season because the softer steel studs got worn flat. This doesn't happen with the Nokians. I bought a set three years ago, and they're still going strong.

Presently, we carry two commuter-friendly variants: 700x35 with 106 studs and a 26x1.9 with 160 studs. Get a pair of either for $100, or $60 if you want just one (not optimal).

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Lauren jonczak said...

Nice post. I was just in an accident due to sliding on black ice and the auto body shop told me that I should check out Nokian tire since they are the best. This is the 3rd year in a row that I got into an accident due to snow or ice. I am definitely going to have to get studded tires for the winter, thanks so much for the great information.