Friday, November 2, 2007

The Future Man Child Thill Needs Your Help

For those of you who don't already know, Jim and the missus are having a son next week. "He" has not yet been named and they need your creative suggestions.

Knowing his son will be both manly and ultimately have a wide range of interests, the name should be catchy and communicate that -- hey, this kid's no ordinary Joe. When he goes to his first day of school, the teacher taking attendance should know this is a future renaissance kind of guy. "Archimedes Thill"! "Here". Has a nice ring, no?

Here are a few suggested categories and names to get you started:

Science: Aristotle Thill -- certain to get him stuffed in a school locker at some point. President of the science club for sure. Little chance of being starting tackle.

Photography: Henri Thill. Never needs an excuse to wear a beret and smoke clove cigarettes. Chicks will dig him.

Cycling: Eddy Thill. His friends will call him the Cannibal. Will be named most likely to grow up to be like John Belushi.

Nordic and Greek Gods: Gunnar Thill. Will be able to crush steel beer cans against his forehead by 8th grade.

Post your suggestions in the comment section. Our distinguished panel of judges will review all the entries and forward them on the the Thill's for consideration. The person submitting the most creative suggestion will win an HC gift certificate.

If, by some remote chance the Thill's actually use a name submitted, the same distinguished panel of judges will have to figure out what the hell to do then.

Look for daily contests next week guessing Man Child Thill's height and weight, eye color and any other. Winners will receive a limited edition banana bunker, signed and numbered by Man Child Thill's father or an HC gift certificate.


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